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  13. Dominant Vs Vanilla
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  15. Hi Tom,
  17. I saw this message on Friday but didn’t respond to it then, for a number of reasons, but primarily because I wanted to think this one over before replying.
  19. First off, whilst you may not have a "permanently" dominant nature, you clearly illustrate that you do have dominant episodes. This "might" indicate that you are what is called a S/switch. That is that your personality is such that you require both a submissive role, as well as a dominant role to be able to function properly. Whilst your wife serves your dominant role, there seems to be no release for your submissive role. My advice would be to explore this area further and do some reading. Yahoo and other sites are filled with groups who have knowledgeable people in this area. The following link might give you a starting point and, of course, there is lots of help on this and other sites. :)
  21. Another issue, and one which I have personally gone through in the past, is the one of stress. You need to identify and try to resolve the causes of stress in your life. If you don’t, this WILL have a BIG impact on both how you do behave and on how you WANT to behave. Without knowing more, its hard to offer advice in this respect but know that, as in the vanilla world, stress can destroy a lifestyle relationship. Get on top of it, before it gets on top of you.
  23. Turning now to the issue of lifestyle and your particular problem, you might find that discussing what you can give and what your wife wants and then coming up with some sort of agreement might help. Don’t make it too rigid. You still want things to be spontaneous.
  25. With regard to the medical issues, there are several things you can do here. Various supplements cause bruising to be reduced or clear over a much faster time frame than you are indicating in your post.