From Coral Flamingo, 2 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  11. The expectations for a twenty-something a generation ago are completely different from those of twenty -somethings today. Many of our parents were married with children by their 25th birthdays. In this day and age twenty-somethings tend to be more career oriented. After completion of college, we want to gain work experience and build our careers. We have certain financial and personal goals that we would like to meet before getting into committed relationships, getting married or having children. In fact, I’m often shocked when I see a high school classmate’s relationship status change from “In a Relationship” or “It’s Complicated” to “Married” on my Facebook newsfeed – it’s only after I realize that we are indeed “old enough” to take such steps that I regain my composure.
  12. I’m not here to say whether or not our parents did it the right way or the wrong way or whether we’re all doomed to having babies in our 40s when our skin has lost most of its elasticity; our metabolisms have slowed down; most of our good eggs are long gone, leaving behind a bunch of tired, old ones; and our boobs are likely to never regain their youthful perk after the life has been sucked out of them by multiple children. I do predict that I may go into an ennui-induced seizure and bite my own tongue off the next time an elder asks me a caustic question about why I’m not married or haven’t started popping babies out yet. In my opinion, it isn’t the most esoteric concept to comprehend. The answer to the questions is rather simple – I’m just not ready yet. Everyone is different and moves at her own pace - and I think that’s okay.
  13. *Forgive me for generalizing, but this is based on my real-life experiences at the nail salon.
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