From Denim Mockingjay, 6 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  10. SOrry so long, but many men have been misconstrued as unfit husbands or with abusive tendancies (not talking about the ones locked up in jail either--yes, there are men who DO deserve what they get), when the reality is it takes two to tango and many times, the supposed abuse is a two-way street which has culminated after many years of frustration dealing with a bitch of a wife. Adultery and physical abuse should not be tolerated, but you cannot expect a man to be your hero and not be willing to back that up with support and obedience if necessary as well. It's like expecting someone to be President but not giving them any decision making power. I am, BTW, a very strong woman who runs a company who also is completely capable of taking care of herself. I just choose not to, I choose to be with a man STRONGER than myself even! But if we as women want to be respected, we must give that. I wish women would start to take on some responsibility for their way of treating others and their role in making relationships work.
  12. by Adevilsbluerose on 2004 Nov 29 - 15:52 | reply to this comment
  13. Re: Reality Check
  14. Well, I can honestly say that I know exactly what Dee Marie is saying, and I agree wholeheartedly. I like to be a little afraid of my partner. I've just come out of a serious relationship in which my partner was most of the things that Dee describes. Not, however, abusive as our unknown writer seems to think goes along with it. In fact, early on, he was always concerned that he was hurting me because he is a very strong guy. But as time wore on, and he learnt my emotional and physical thresholds, he showed me that he was a deliciously wicked, fun, unpredictable and contradictory lover.